We all know that Hawaiians celebrate Halloween with a unique island mix of cultural heritage and fun. Still, it’s best to remind ourselves and our kids to stay alert while they’re enthusiastically hunting their ‘Halloween candies.’


Halloween is an infamously jam-packed day on city streets. Vehicular volumes surge as parents rush home to get their jubilant kids to trick-or-treating, and at the same time, families start to hit the sidewalks in search of those holiday candies.


Let’s alert our children that what’s scarier than goblins, witches, vampires, and zombies are ‘car accidents.’ With the constant rise of pedestrian deaths all over the US (not to scare anyone), it’s always best practice to teach our kids to be mindful of the road – including ourselves.


The synchronized burst of increase in pedestrian and vehicles, and darkness can be a ‘deadly’ combination. According to a study by University of British Columbia researchers, Halloween night was 43 percent deadlier for pedestrians than other autumn nights – with kids aged 4 to 8 having fatal crashes around 6 p.m. This is not including commuting drivers, but when included deaths seem to go down.


But, don’t let this spoil your Halloween Spirits! This is just a reminder that there are numerous ways to prevent this, from road redesigning or to simply wearing bright costumes. Thus, knowing that these can happen to us on Halloween, being safe should always take priority no matter what day it is.



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